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Maids say Bali boss gave kill order

The maids of an Indonesian woman on trial for plotting the murder of her Australian husband in Bali have testified she ordered him to be killed, not “taken care of” as their former boss claims.


Julaikah Noor Aini, known as Noor Ellis, faces charges of pre-meditated murder over the death of her businessman husband Robert Ellis, whose body was found bound and wrapped in plastic in a rice field last October.

Ellis’ maids, who face the same charges, gave evidence at her trial in Denpasar on Wednesday.

Both said the five men accused of killing Mr Ellis were given orders to kill – despite Ellis’ claims she told them only to “take care of” her husband and end their domestic strife.

The trial has previously heard Ellis met the men in a hut on October 19 to plan the ambush of Mr Ellis at their Sanur villa, where they allegedly slashed his throat in the kitchen.

One of the maids, Marlina Bela Saghu, alias Feli, was on Wednesday asked about evidence she gave police, about a conversation with her boss the week before the crime.

That night, Judge Beslin Sihombing said, Ellis “spilled her heart out” to Feli and asked, “do you have a friend who could kill Mr Bob?”

Feli, 24, didn’t answer the judge, but later when he pressed her on what Ellis asked of the men, she said: “to kill”.

The Ellis’ second maid, Yuliana Bili, alias Yane, also attended the hut meeting.

She said Ellis told her to describe to the five men Mr Ellis’ physical appearance.

Asked by Judge Sihombing what the men were told to do, she said: “to kill Mr Bob”.

Neither woman was in the kitchen at the time of the attack but both told the court they cleaned the blood afterwards – Feli because she was ordered to, and Yane because she was scared.

Ellis, the Australian’s wife of 25 years, could face the death penalty for pre-meditated murder.

The trial continues next Wednesday.