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NRL beef up security to stop crowd drama

The NSW Police and the NRL have moved to beef up ANZ Stadium security for Sunday’s round six clash between Canterbury and St George Illawarra following the Good Friday crowd dramas.


Head of football Todd Greenberg insists the NRL and police are closing in on those who showered match officials with bottles after the Bulldogs’ controversial loss to South Sydney.

Authorities continue to sift through video footage of the ugly post-match scenes with unruly fans facing a life ban from venues.

But security has been strengthened ahead of the Dragons v Bulldogs match to prevent a repeat of crowd trouble.

“We have spoken to both clubs and the stadium and people can be very comfortable in the fact they can go to that game and they can enjoy themselves,” Greenberg said.

“There will be an additional overlay of resources there to ensure that game is run smoothly.

“In simple terms it is an overlay of staff so it will be an additional overlay of NSW police.”

Greenberg said it would be at least another week before those who threw bottles would be identified and subsequently punished.

“There were some discussions yesterday, between the authorities, police, the stadium, the club and the NRL I understand they will be sifting through more vision, both broadcast and CCTV,” he said.

“We are very helpful of first of all identifying the culprits who threw bottles, and then after that imposing sanctions to those people or utilising the rules and putting bans in place.

“Clearly when we find those people who did the wrong thing we will come down hard on them.

“We haven’t identified anyone as yet, we are working hard to do that

“As you can imagine there is a crowd of 40,000 and we are trying to hand pick individuals. It is not a simple exercise so it it may take some time.”